Optimizing long-term care to sustainably reduce the impact on the health system of preventable unplanned care and wasted spending on high-cost drugs, thereby increasing quality of care, contributing to better health outcomes and reducing the cost of healthcare in the U.K.


The NHS sustainably shifts long-term care from expensive, hospital-based reactive care to affordable community-based prevention. This reduces waste across the whole system and maximises U.K. international influence in multi-modality, multi-morbid conditions critical to value-based healthcare.

Top messages

Patients say CFHH keeps them safe as its high-definition healthcare transforms the relationship with their care team. Already 70% of the UK’s adult cystic fibrosis centres embrace CFHealthHub because it is delivering:

Smarter care

Giving personalised, quality and safe care to keep people healthy and independent in their communities.

  • Routinely giving patients and clinicians the information and technology to enable personalised care and diagnose habit relapse
  • Increasing patient adherence to preventative medicines through behavioural interventions that generate habits of self-care
  • Empowering clinicians to make accurate diagnoses by making adherence data visible in every consultation

Stronger learning systems

A system-wide digital community of practice that provides evidence for personalised care and medicines optimisation.

  • Scaling the popular CFHealthHub digital learning health system, co- designed with patients, clinicians and key industry stakeholders.
  • Preventing waste by providing the first whole-system patient level view of high-cost drugs prescription, collection and adherence.
  • CFHealthHub captures data that allows us to report against the CF NICE Indicator.

Swifter value creation

Accelerating translating quality, safe and sustainable care into value in clinical practice.

  • Motivating over 25% (and growing) of UK adults with CF to grant consent to testing digital and behavioural interventions at speed.
  • Implementing research breakthroughs into clinical practice by sharing learning through an established community of practice.
  • Generating global replication interest, especially from USA’s CF Foundation, funder of the research leading to nearly every CF drug.

Guiding principles

  1. Inspire patients and clinicians to co-develop a robust learning health system.
  2. Attract partners via an agnostic, interoperable combination of research with implementation.
  3. Scale impact to generate international influence via an exportable habit engine.

CFHealthHub showcases how to optimise care and maximise value for money on other long-term conditions.

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