Sally has a fixed routine for ensuring that she takes the right number of nebulisers at the right time. This has become part of her normal daily routine, so she does not need to think about taking her nebulisers.

At a recent consultation with the CF team, it was suggested that Sally tweak her treatment and routine. This meant that she was taking seven nebulisers a day and has had to develop a new routine to accommodate this.

The challenge

Creating a new routine can be difficult, especially where there is a change in the number of medicines required to take daily. Sally was finding it difficult to keep track of her nebuliser intake: she often couldn’t remember if she had taken one in the morning, or if it had been the previous morning. This meant that she was often missing a treatment.

The CFHealthHub approach

Sally was given a set of CFHealthHub nebulisers that could track every time she took a nebuliser. The data collected was stored on a secure system where analytics could be applied to the data. A dashboard for clinicians and an app for patients were also created to present the analysed data in colour coded system.

Having real time nebuliser data available on her smartphone allowed Sally to track her progress in adhering to her new routine, which made her feel more confident and reduced her stress levels.

Sally also noticed a change when discussing her treatment with the CF team. The data provided an unbiased evidence base of Sally’s treatment adherence, allowing for focused discussions on barriers to adherence and a more personalised approach to treatments.

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