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1. Challenge

Creating a new routine can be difficult, especially where there is a change in the number of medicines required to take daily. Patients can find it difficult to keep track of their nebuliser intake: This meant that patients are often missing a treatment.

2. Solution

Patients are given a set of CFHH nebulisers that could track every time they took a treatment. The data collected was stored on a secure system where analytics could be applied to the data. A dashboard for clinicians and an app for patients were also created to present the analysed data in colour coded system.

3. Benefits

Having real time nebuliser data available on a smartphone enables the patient to track progress in adhering to the new routine, resulting in more confidence and reduced stress levels.

The data provided an unbiased evidence base of the patient’s treatment adherence, allowing for focused discussions on barriers to adherence and a more personalised approach to treatments.

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